What My Wonderful Clients are Saying

Violet and SamirAlexandria, VA

Having been clients of Chef Jodie for several years we feel that we have identified an unequaled treasure. Jodie has cooked in our home on several occasions, some formal, some  less formal. There were numerous occasions when our guests were government ministers and ambassadors. Each of our guests were equally impressed with Jodie's talent as we have been. Each dish that she has prepared for us was simply delicious and haute cuisine. 
Jodie comes to our kitchen fully prepared and without touching or disturbing our kitchen or utensils a fabulous meal is prepared. Jodie stays until the last dish has been served and consumed. When Jodie leaves  our kitchen is left exactly as it was when she arrived, clean, orderly, and tidy.
After trying Jodie's exquisite creations we now totally entrust her to create the entire menu for any occasion.  The results have always been a well balanced, delicious menu that is also a superb presentation. She has cooked for us different cuisines and to our amazement she has excelled on each and every occasion.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to retain Jodie's services is in for a true treat.

Thank you again for creating a wonderful annivesary dinner for us.​ It was literally everything we'd hoped for.

James and Ron, Arlington, VA

Every single thing you made was delicious--​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​my friends and family loved everything--yummy, fresh, mostly healthy...you were amazing. Our table was groaning with delicious food just like I was hoping for! You made it so easy on the rest of us. Thank you so much for all the great things you did at our house...the graduation party was a huge success!

Kathi​​​, Arlington, VA

For the past two years, Jodie has been the chef for a series of dinner parties at our house, and she has met all our expectations.  First, she’s a pleasure to work with, especially when it comes to working with me on shaping a multi-course menu for a large group.  Second, each dish has been, without exception, first rate.  Finally, it’s not easy with a multi-course for 16 people to maintain the rhythm that is so important for a dinner party — I know since I used to do it.  But, each time, Jodie’s pacing has been on the mark.  Perhaps the best indicator that we are so satisfied is that Jodie will be back with us in a month — and this time, we’re not going to France or Italy or anywhere the US, but the dinner will span Asia.  We’re looking forward to it!

Tom, Washington, DC